Pottery Services at Eden

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Kilnshare is an international scheme, designed to help budding potters connect with a kiln owner local to them.

Prices range from £5-£60 depending on the amount of space and temperature required. We fire regularly to cone 05 (1032c) and cone 06 (1223c)

All un/loading is done by our staff, and our pottery teachers can advise on your requirements.

View our Kilnshare profile here, and email vikki@edentearoom.com if interested.


If you’ve had a lesson or two on the wheel and wish to refresh and practise your technique why not come and use a wheel in our pottery studio for an hour or two.

It’s a chance to practise without paying for tuition fees.  A limited amount of clay is included and we’ll bisc fire anything you’d like to keep, but it’s more about the process than finished products!

Contact vikki@edentearoom.com to find a suitable date and time to accommodate you, our teacher and the studio availability.

The price to rent is £35 for one hour.


On the first and third Tuesday of every month, we open up the pottery studio for Open Access between 10am-2pm.

This means you can come and use the facilities to make your own handbuilt creations. A limited amount of clay is provided and your work will be bisc fired too. Glazing may incur an extra charge.

Stay for 2 hours for £35 or the full 4 hours for £60. Booking is essential as space is limited, and can be booked through our events calendar

This is not a structured lesson, so although our pottery teacher will be on hand to assist, no direct teaching is given.  You will need some knowledge of working with clay.

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