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All teas are £3.60 for a pot for one, or £5.50 as a pot for two

Chai – Complex, spicy, and incredibly tasty

Earl Grey – A Sri Lankan tea combined with the citrus delights of bergamot, generating an elegant and balanced full flavoured cup

English Breakfast – A traditional blend of Sri Lankan tea that produces a liquor with an assertive aroma

French Earl Grey – An oh-so-fruity French twist in a medium bodied black tea base, with pretty petals and notes of fruit in a refined infusion

Melbourne Breakfast – A full bodied vanilla sweet tea

Morning Sunshine – A harmonious mix of Assam, Darjeeling and Rwandan black teas

New York Breakfast – A full-bodied black tea boasting the taste of hot pancakes, and inspired by a perfect New York moment



All teas are £3.60 for a pot of one, or £5.50 as a pot for two

China Jasmine – A blend of green tea and jasmine produces a light-yellow infusion with a delicate jasmine scent

Gorgeous Geisha – Sencha green tea combined with luscious flavours of strawberry and cream

Green Rose – A vibrant green tea blended with rose petals and tropical fruits for a bold taste sensation



All teas are £3.60 for a pot for one, or £5.50 as a pot for two

Fruitalicious – A tantalising mix of cranberries, blueberries, dragonfruit, and goji berries

Just Chamomile – A fragrant infusion of golden chamomile flowers

Just Peppermint – A bright and golden-green infusion with a powerful aroma and a sensationally minty, sweet, smooth taste

Lemongrass and Ginger – With a hint of zest and a whole lot of spicy bright lemongrass this brew gives a refreshing sensation

Packs a Peach – This sweet brew sings of peach, papaya, apple, and roasted chicory creating a soft combo that really packs a peach

Pumping Pomegranate – The essence of the grand bazaar, Istanbul. A sweet, tangy, and mystical flavour, this tea will take you on a flavour journey

Red Rooibos – This crimson liquor is certified organic, and packed with earthy tones and complex honeyed notes

Sleep Tight – A dreamy blend of lemon balm, lavender, jasmine and rose

Tummy Tea – Reduce sugar cravings and settle your tummy with this blend of peppermint, liquorice root, and fennel


Cappuccino – £3.70

Latte – £3.85

Americano – £3.40

Mocha – £3.96

Macchiato – £3.20

Flat White – £3.60

Hot Chocolate – £4.20 (add marshmallows +0.50, add cream +0.30)

Espresso – £2.70

Chai Latte – £3.70 (add coffee for 1.00)

Extra Shot – 0.70, Alternative Milk – 0.30, Syrup – 0.70


Coke – £3.50

Diet Coke – £3.00

Orange Juice – £3.50

Apple Juice – £3.50

Pink Lemonade – £3.50

Sparkling Elderflower – £3.50

Victoria Lemonade – £3.50

Dandelion & Burdock – £3.50

Sparkling Water – £2.45

Still Water – £2.45

Fruit Shoot – £1.50

Brewdog Punk IPA – £4.25

Peroni – £4.25

Berries & Cherries Old Mout Cider – £4.50

Kiwi & Lime Old Mout Cider – £4.50

Medium Red/White – £6.60

Large Red/White – £7.25

Bottle of House Red/White – £21.75

Medium Rose – £6.85

Large Rose – £7.50

Bottle of House Rose – £22.50


After Eight Hot Chocolate – £5.95

A minty hot choc served with whipped cream and an after eight


Baileys Hot Chocolate/Latte -£6.50

Served with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle


Honeycomb Mocha – £5.50

A rich, chocolatey coffee with a shot of golden honeycomb


Gingerbread Latte – £5.50

Served either hot or iced, with whipped cream and a mini gingerbread man


Winter Berry Sparkler – £4.50

Blackberry sytup and a blend of winter berries, topped up with a choice of either sparkling water or lemonade


Spiced Apple Warmer – £3.95

A subtle blend of spices and apple, brewed in hot water


Honey and Lemon Steamer – £3.95

The perfect pick me up for cold days


Espresso Martini – £8.95

Vodka, coffee liqueur, and simple syrup, shaken with a freshly pulled shot of our home blend coffee


Farmhouse Toast (v,veo) – £3.50

Toasted Teacake (v,veo) – £3.70

Toasted Crumpet (v,veo) – £3.70

Lancashire Cheese on Toast (v,veo) – £5.25


Eden Breakfast – £10.95

Local pork sausage, bacon, baked beans, field mushroom, toast, and a poached egg (add hash browns +2.50)


Plant Based Breakfast (ve) – £10.95

Plant based sausage, avocado, baked beans, field mushroom, and a roasted tomato (add hash browns +2.50)

Scrambled Egg on Toast (v) – £7.95

(add smoked salmon +3.00/add bacon +2.00)

Sausage or Bacon Buttie – £7.95

(add poached egg +1.50/add scrambled egg +2.00)

Salt and Pepper Beef Brisket  – £11.25

Pulled beef and a cripsy fried egg on toasted farmhouse bread, topped with chilli and spring onion


Eggs Florentine (v) – £9.25

Poached eggs on toasted muffins with hollandaise sauce and spinach (add bacon +2.00/add smoked salmon +3.50)

Fillet of Salmon on Crumpets – £15.25

Pan fried salmon fillet on two crumpets, with poached eggs, asparagus and hollandaise sause


Classic French Toast (v) – £7.95

Served with winter berries and blueberry syrup (add bacon +2.00)

Blueberry Oat Pancakes (v, veo) – £8.95

Served with lemon sorbet and blueberry syrup


American Style Pancakes (v, veo) – £8.95

Served with winter berries and blueberry syrup (add bacon +2.00)

Chicken and Waffles – £10.95

Chicken fillet and bacon on sweet waffles with blueberry syrup (upgrade to maple syrup +1.50)

Hot Baked Belgian Waffle – £8.50
Served with blueberry syrup, stewed seasonal fruit, and clotted cream (upgrade to maple syrup +1.50)



all of our sandwiches are served cold or toasted on either white or brown farmhouse bread, and garnished with a mixed leaf salad and local crisps

Eden Club (gfo) – £10.95

Lancashire Cheese & Tomato Chutney (v, veo, gfo) – £8.95

Tuna Mayo & Spring Onion (gfo) – £8.95

BLT (gfo) – £8.95

Buffalo Mozzarella, Roasted Red Pepper and Pesto (v, veo, gfo) – £8.95



all jacket potatoes are served with a mixed leaf salad and coleslaw

Lancashire Cheese & Bean (v, veo, gf) – £7.95

Tuna Mayo & Spring Onion (gf) – £8.95

Salt & Pepper Beef Brisket (gf) – £8.95

Goats Cheese, Avocado, and Beetroot (gf) – £8.95



Salt & Pepper Halloumi Salad (v, gf) – £10.95

Classic Caesar Salad (v) – £9.95




Soup of the Day (veo, gfo) – £6.50


Eden Nachos (v, veo, gf) – £9.95

Tortilla chips, guacamole, peppers, sour cream, jalapenos, salsa, melted cheese, and mixed beans


Lancashire Cheese & Real Ale Rarebit (v) – £8.25

Served with a mixed leaf salad and salsa


Cottage Pie – £12.95

Served with pickled cabbage and bloomer bread 


Sausage & Mash (veo) – £10.95

Served with onion gravy and champ mash


Eden Cheeseburger (veo) – £10.95

Prime homemade beef burger in a toasted brioche bun with lancashire cheese, mixed leaves and coleslaw 


Kerala Chicken Curry (gfo) – £13.95

Served with rice and flat bread


Lancashire Cheese and Caramalised Red Onion Pie in a Cup (v) – £12.95

Shortcrust pastry, potatowedges, and pickled red cabbage


Wild Mushroom and Spinach Risotto (v, veo, gf) – £10.95

Served with asparagus, truffle oil, and parmesan




Dirty Wedges – £4.95

Potato wedges, cheese, and bacon topped with siracha mayonnaise


Garlic Bread – £2.95

(add cheese +1.00)

Flat Bread – £4.25

Served with balsamic and pesto dipping oil

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