Worth a Thousand Words

Our current exhibition features a range of art work inspired by words and literature from local artists, ceramicists and sculptors with featured artist Angie Thompson.

 The winter months are often the ones we like to sit inside and curl up by the fire with a good book. This month, we have brought this inside Eden with the change of our exhibition ‘Worth a Thousand Words’. Featuring a range of artists inspired by poetry, music, novels and language, our exhibition marries the art and literature world and shows why the two are so intrinsically linked. 

 We are delighted to have illustrator Angie Thompson as our feature artist, with her pieces ‘Who Killed Cock Robin?’, a series of fourteen drawings inspired by the children’s nursery rhyme. 

This work is accompanied beautifully by paintings by the likes of Mary Sanders and Katie Patel, paper sculptures by Julie Dodd and ceramics by Mark Gibbs and Anne Howarth. 

Join us in these dark months, and see how the likes of Wordsworth, Manley Hopkins and Tolkien amongst others have inspired our artists to create their beautiful pieces.


Running from 14th January – 18th April 2023.










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Course Lane, Newburgh
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