'Compassion & Connection' A solo exhibition with local artist Gillian Bell

11th Nov- 24th Dec 2023


Gillian Bell is a UK contemporary artist. Her work explores themes of mental health, development, connection, attachment, childhood, parenting, memory and healing. As well as being an artist, Gillian is currently studying a Masters in clinical counselling. She lives at home with her husband Rob and her two children Oliver and Alice.


Gillian paints intuitively and expressively and enjoys using a mixed media approach incorporating bold colours, pattern and texture. She finds the time in her studio to be incredibly healing and like a form of therapy. “When I am painting, I experience being in the present moment- it is a form of meditation for me- but meditation with dancing…and music!”


Gillian’s studies into Psychology and Psychotherapy profoundly influence her work and style as does her many years working in primary education. “I believe that very young children are THE best artists – I am forever trying to work from a perspective of that magical time around age three or four where art just ‘happens’ and just ‘is’. I love how very young children paint and draw with wild abandon- they don’t develop that inner critical voice until later on- they don’t care that the tree is purple or the car is shaped like a cloud… it is how it is- and don’t you think that is the most beautiful authentic thing?”


As adults we get very good at overcomplicating everything and criticising ourselves (and others!) This exhibition is a sort of remedy for this, an ode to my inner child and a thank you to my own children for pointing out the rainbows and the butterflies and the ladybird and one last story, the one more hug.…

in other words, try to stop and take in those precious moments of connection and it really is hard, when we are so busy and so tired!”


Gillian’s artwork is an expression of whatever she is processing at the time: emotions, events, conversations, lyrics, music, nature…


”I often find I come back to the same few universal themes or basic human needs that we can all relate to, no matter our backgrounds or paths. My art process is often a spontaneous one, full of movement, mess, experimentation and fun! I don’t like things to be too neatly boxed off and polished- I like things a bit rough around the edges, you know…imperfectly perfect-just like us humans!”









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