Frank Barnes


A fine art painter based in the north west of the United Kingdom in the coastal town of Southport, Frank is inspired by the light, shadow, colours and textures of landscape and in particular coastal horizons and skies. Most of the sources that inspire the work are from the Sefton coastline and the Cumbrian hills and valleys. Living in the coastal town of Southport Frank takes the opportunity to take daily walks throughout the year along the Sefton coastline through an area locally known as ‘The Green Beach’. “Walking through landscapes at different times of the day or year, whether it be Sefton or Cumbria in brilliant summer sunlight or on a dark grey afternoon, you don’t always take the same route, you come upon familiar things from a different angle, you see them in a new setting. Painting, for me, is like taking a walk. You never know quite which way you’re going to go or what you’ll find yourself focusing on”. These paintings are an expression of the space that surrounds us all and in these recent times there has been a sense of calm and quiet. A time for reflection and re-evaluating how we choose to live. The paintings Frank makes are there to be experienced, they are in themselves events expressed through the gestures and physical act of painting. The paintings are not literal representations, they are visual responses to what is seen and heard. They are intended as atmospheric impressions. The pervading tone or mood of a place and situation.

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