Eden Pottery Studio

Kilnshare is an international scheme, designed to help budding potter connect with a kiln owner local to them. Eden offers a range of pottery firing service, from individual pieces to a full kiln loads.  More details of what we offer can be found on our Kilnshare profile here, or email us directly for details and prices at workshops@edentearoom.com


If you’ve had a lesson or two on the wheel but don’t want to comit to the expense of buying your own, why not come and use a wheel in our pottery studio for an hour or two.  Its a chance to practise without paying for tuition fees.  A limited amount of clay is included and we’ll bisc fire anything you’d like to keep, but its more about the process than finished products.  Our pottery teacher will be around, but this is not a lesson.  Contact us to find a suitable date and time to accomodate you, our teacher and the studio availability. Prices are £27 for 1 hour or £50 for 2 hours. 

Open Access

On the first Tuesday of every month, we open up the pottery studio for Open Access 10am -2pm.  This means you can come and use the facilities to make your own handbuilt creations. A limited amount of clay is provided and your work will be bisc fired too.  Glazing may incur an extra charge.  Stay for 1 or 4 hours.  Prices range from £15 for 1 hour to £48 for 4 hours.  Booking is essential as space is limited. This is not a structured lesson, so although our Pottery Teacher will be on hand to assist, no direct teaching is given.  You will need some knowledge of working with clay.